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Year 4

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Our Class Teacher is Mr Deverell.

Summer Term 1

This half-term, we studied Harewood House as part of our local history topic.
We learnt about its beginnings in the 1750s, as Edwin Lascelles amalgamated
two adjoining estates into one to build one of the most
impressive Stately Houses in England.
He spared no expense, and employed the finest and most famous architects,
furniture makers and Landscape designers in the land.
We found out that his wealth was accumulated from his Sugar plantations and
the slave trade based in his original homeland of Barbados.
We thoroughly enjoyed sketching  and making clay models of the frontage of Harewood House,
and found that the House has been in the same (Lascelles) family to this day.

This half-term, our Science Topic was Electricity.
We found out what a current is, and how it is made up of Electrons,
Protons and Neutrons, that flow like a river.
We enjoyed the practical elements of experimenting with electrical circuits,
and how they are connected to make a light bulb light up, or a buzzer sound.
We experimented with batteries and bulbs to see how the effect the number of batteries
might have on how bright a light bulb might shine.
We found out how a break in a circuit means a light will not work, and how to make a switch to control that.

PE this half term involved hitting and catching, and the children very much enjoyed practicing and honing their skills.
We used rounders and cricket based activities to do this and everyone got the chance to improve their skills, through various fun activities.
We also took part in various ACES virtual competitions, involving Rugby and Football skills.
We even won the Rugby one, against other schools – we were very proud.

Design and Technology: Bread
For our food based DT topic this half-term, we looked at and analysed a variety of different breads.
We designed our own bread based on certain criteria. We then baked our own bread based around that design.
It was a most enjoyable and tasty topic.

Autumn Term 2

PE Lessons

Year 4 have enjoyed showing their Cross Country skills in PE lessons.

Autumn Term One

Our Topic was Invaders and Settlers.
To inspire the children we had an Anglo-Saxon Day.
The children participated in various exciting activities, including an Anglo-Saxon game, some baking and dyeing.
They all had a brilliant time and enjoyed a super start to the Topic.


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