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Ethos and Values

School Mission Statement


Wrenthorpe: Where everyone is valued.
At Wrenthorpe Academy we all work together to provide a secure, caring environment where everyone is valued, expectations are high and achievements are celebrated.

At Wrenthorpe Academy we have these aims for the children in our care:


to help children to develop an enquiring and curious mind and use this in their learning;


to give children confidence, security and happiness;


to teach the children how to acquire knowledge, skills and develop their practical abilities;


to increase children’s imaginative understanding and develop their thirst for knowledge in all aspects of the curriculum;


to teach children social and moral values and to abide by a code of behaviour;


to teach children to be thoughtful and care for themselves, for others and the world around them.

What is it like to attend this school?
  • The pupils of Wrenthorpe Academy are proud of their school.
  • The pupils I met were polite and friendly.
  • One pupil said, ‘We are a community and relationships are good.’
  • Older pupils relish the responsibilities they are given.
  • I saw the Junior Leadership Team assisting at lunchtime and the Sports Leaders leading games in the playground for younger children.
  • One parent commented, ‘The school community has a lovely vibe, happy and well-behaved children.’
  • Pupils spoke very positively about the values that the school espouses.
  • Pupils enjoy their learning and can speak about the new things they have learned.
  • Parents are very positive about the school.        SOURCE: OFSTED MARCH 2020 

Here are a few quotes from our latest report:
  • The positive attitudes and good behaviour in the school support pupils’ learning.
  • All teachers are ambitious for their pupils.
  • Teachers plan and deliver interesting and stimulating lessons.
  • The school places a strong emphasis on reading.
  • Behaviour is good because of the approach that the staff take.
  • The school does a great deal to develop pupils’ character and to prepare them for later life.
  • The SEND coordinator is very experienced and knowledgeable and provides good leadership.
  • The headteacher provides very strong leadership.
Quotes from children taken from our latest OFSTED report:

‘You get to embrace who you are.’

‘We know we are all different, but we value everyone just the same.’

‘We never give up.’

‘Everyone gets involved.’     SOURCE: OFSTED MARCH 2020 

Click here – OFSTED Inspection took place 3-4 MARCH 2020

OFSTED Outcome: Wrenthorpe Academy continues to be a GOOD school.

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