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Art across School

Teaching Art in school helps children with the development of:
  • motor skills
  • language skills
  • social skills
  • decision-making
  • risk-taking
  • and inventiveness.
At Wrenthorpe Academy, we aim for all Art lessons to be creative and inspiring.
Children learn about a wide range of artists and artistic styles/movements on their journey throughout school.  They also have opportunities to develop their artistic skill by practising a variety of techniques, such as: sketching, painting, sculpture.
Children work towards creating a ‘final piece’, inspired by the artist they are studying, which is a culmination of applying everything they have learnt throughout their Art lessons.
Evaluation is also a key part of children completing their art work, encouraging children to think about what they have done well/how they might want to improve their work.


ART Policy

ART Policy

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ART Intent Statement

ART Intent Statement

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