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Outdoor learning encompasses many different experiences in the outdoors:
  • outdoor visits/residential
  • outdoor PE
  • working in the school allotment
  • investigating in our Wildlife Areas
  • caring for our hens
  • taking other curriculum work outdoors such as: maths, history and geography for example.
Outdoor Learning can help to bring many school subjects alive as they focus on real results and
consequences. For that reason the outdoors can have an impact on areas of the curriculum as diverse
as imaginative writing and moral education.
Outdoor learning also provides experiential opportunities allowing pupils to:
  • respond positively to opportunities, challenges and responsibilities,
  • to manage risk
  • and to cope with change.
Our Aims:
– To raise the profile of outdoor learning.
– To encourage close links with parents, the local community and the school in celebrating our outdoor
space and the rich learning that can take place within it.
– To ensure the school provides a safe, secure and stimulating outdoor environment in which children
can take calculated risks.
– To encourage children to care for their environment.
– To allow learning to be “hands on” and allow children to apply skills “first hand”.


Outdoor Learning Policy

Outdoor Learning Policy

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