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Year 2

Welcome to 2C!

Our teacher is Miss Carter.

Summer One
This half term we have studied HISTORY and considered how different aspects of everyday life have changed over time.
We have looked at transport, toys and education.
We also thought about changes within our own lives and new things we have learnt and experienced as we have grown.
Using our knowledge of different materials, we also worked in groups to order a range of different toys chronologically.

In Science, we have continued to develop our understanding of the different types of animals and the habitats in which they live.
We have looked closely at certain species of animals to find out how their appearance and
other features have helped enabled them to adapt to the climate, terrain and dangers within their habitats.
We have also learnt about food chains and can now confidently create our own
while identifying what producers, consumers and predators are.

Autumn One

2C have been having lots of fun so far this term!
To introduce our History topic – The First Flight, we designed our own paper aeroplanes to see how far they would fly.
We soon realised just how clever the Wright Brothers were with their invention!



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