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Summer One Newsletter

Summer Two Newsletter

Summer One
Design and Technology – Design and Make an Outdoor Shelter
First we experimented with marshmallows and spaghetti so we could find out what shapes
and structures were the most stable. Next we designed a structure using recycled straws and play-doh.
We then went outside to construct miniature dens using natural materials.
They were really successful and we all look forward to making the REAL DEN in our Wildlife Area.

In Science we completed an experiment to understand how the digestive system works.

In Science we completed an investigation to see how exercise affects our heart rate.
We checked our pulse when seated, then after we walked around the classroom
and finally after we completed a sprint outside.

Our core text this term is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
We sorted the children into houses using the Sorting Hat.
Every child designed and made their own wand out of modroc
and then designed and made a wand box.

As part of PE, we took part in the Outwood Schools Virtual Football Tournament.
It took careful dribbling, ball control and team work to achieve a good time.
All of 5B worked brilliantly on this task.

Ancient Greek Hook Day

For 5B’s Hook Day we sampled Greek Food.
We got to try olives, feta cheese, goats milk, figs and grapes.

Ancient Greek Lyres

Another fun activity for Hook Day included making a Ancient Greek Lyre.
A lyre is a stringed musical instrument from Ancient Greek times.
Well done 5B for making such a great job!

Clay Sculptures

In art we have been researching the famous artist Barbara Hepworth.
She was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire and is famous for her modern and unique sculptures.
We designed our final piece and made it using clay. These are some of our finished sculptures.

Mould Experiment 

In Science we conducted an experiment to test how different conditions affected mould growth on bread.
We tested light and dark as one experiment and wet and dry as another.
After 10 days the majority of the class saw some mould on their bread.
We concluded that wet and dark conditions were the best at growing mould!


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