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27th May – Dinosaur Outdoor WOW Day!

What a wonderful day we’ve had to end our Prehistoric Planet topic for this half term!  We all came to school wearing our very own underpants that we had designed based on the book ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’.

We started with our Topic Teaser to show-off our impressive knowledge of dinosaurs.  We worked in two teams to answer questions.

We then used chalk to create some colourful drawings of dinosaurs.


Afterwards, we went on a hunt for natural resources to create dinosaur natural art.  During our hunt, we were lucky enough to find some dinosaur eggs hidden in the bushes.  We spent a long time observing them change from a solid to a liquid.  What fantastic time we have had!

7th May – Volcanoes

Our homework has been to create our very own volcanoes.
Today, we used vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring to erupt the volcanoes!

22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 2)

We have had another busy week for the second week of our Arts Fortnight, continuing to learn about global warming, storms and rainbows.
After working as a team last week to make a large rainbow, we have now worked individually to create smaller, individual rainbows.
We have used the same techniques that we used last week (painting to create the main rainbow, and tearing crepe paper to dangle down from each colour), but this time we really focused on our fine motor skills.

22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 2)

We have worked really hard to create these wonderful pieces of writing, inspired by what we have learnt during Arts Fortnight.
We wanted to create posters to explain to people how we can try to prevent global warming.
We talked about lots of ways to do this: driving less/walking more; recycling rubbish; using less electricity; not wasting water or food.

22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 2)

Rainbow Maths Challenge…
We were challenged to find objects around the classroom (with a 5 minute time limit) that were all the different colours of the rainbow.  We then looked carefully at each colour, and predicted which colour had the most/least amount of objects.  Next, we worked together to estimate the amount of objects there were for each colour, as well as counting them to check how many objects were actually there.  We then looked at all of the total amounts for each colour and discussed which was the largest amount of objects, and which was the smallest amount of objects.  We then compared these actual amounts to the predictions we had made earlier, and realised that our initial predictions were fairly accurate!  Our final challenge was to order the 7 amounts from smallest to largest.  We all worked together as a team to do this.

22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight DANCE WORKSHOP (Week 2)

Also as part of Arts Fortnight, we have all taken part in a Dance Workshop.
The dance was all about happiness and spreading positivity, after what has been an incredibly difficult year for us all.
We moved in time to the beat and all worked hard to make sure we were doing the same moves at the same time.

22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight DRAMA WORKSHOP (Week 2)

Arts Fortnight has also given us the opportunity to take part in a Drama Workshop.  Because we have been learning about storms, we decided to create a role play based on being a weather presenter.  Mrs Mayman and Mrs Shaw showed us an example of how to do this, and then we had a go on our own!



22nd-26th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 2)

After learning about rainbows, we practised singing the the Rainbow song, as well as learning the Makaton signs to go with it.
We all joined in with beautiful singing and brilliant Makaton skills!

19.3.21 – Red Nose Day

We all came to school dressed as Superheroes for Red Nose Day today!

15th-19th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 1)

The whole school has started an Arts Fortnight this week.  The theme for Arts Fortnight is Global Warming, with Reception focusing on storms.  We started the week by discussing what Global Warming is, and how this has resulted in storms becoming more common and severe.  We talked about what happens during a storm, and the after-effects.  We even linked this to our current ‘Superhero’ topic by talking about real-life heroes
who rescue people during/after storms.
We also talked about something beautiful that happens after storms – rainbows!  We found out how rainbows are formed: white light from the sun shining through water droplets, and the water droplets splitting the white light into 7 colours.  We demonstrated this using a torch (to represent the sun), and a CD disc (to represent water), and as the light from the torch reflected off the disc, we could see rainbows appear!

15th-19th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 1)

Inspired by learning about how rainbows are formed, we worked together as a team to create this beautiful rainbow.  We painted onto cardboard to create the main rainbow, and even mixed red and yellow to make orange.  We also tore some crepe paper to stick on with PVA glue, which we dangled down from each colour of the rainbow.

15th-19th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 1)

Continuing to be inspired by rainbows, we set up an investigation.  To begin with, we put red, yellow and blue food colouring into 3 separate cups, and predicted what might happen if we put kitchen roll from one cup to another.  We then put kitchen roll into each cup to observe what happened.

Then, we used red, yellow, blue, green, orange and purple colouring in 6 separate cups, predicted what we thought might happen, and then added the kitchen roll in between each cup.

We watched the kitchen roll absorb all of the different coloured liquids, and the colours then started to mix together to make them look like a rainbow!

15th-19th March – Arts Fortnight (Week 1)

Following on from learning about storms and rainbows, some children made their own musical instruments.
We then used a combination of real instruments (along with the instruments that the children had made) to take part in a music workshop.
We thought carefully about the sound that storms make, and we also discussed what we imagined a rainbow might sound like.
We then used our instruments to represent these wonderful sounds, including a crescendo and diminuendo!

15th-19th March – Chicks!

We have had a lovely week after receiving a special delivery of eggs on Monday!  We had a video call with a lady called Jill, who explained to us how to look after the chicks when they hatch, and she even showed us the mother hen who had laid the eggs.  The eggs started to hatch on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and we were lucky enough to watch TWO eggs hatch before our very eyes (see the video below)!  We now have 8 chicks called: Chiquitita, Custard, Colin, Rainbow, Rosie, Rodney, Del Boy and Paddy.  We have loved teaching them how to eat and drink whilst in their brooder box, and are very much looking forward to them growing and watching them change over the next week.


12.3.21 – World Book Day

We have had such a fantastic day for World Book Day!
When we arrived this morning, Kevin the Carrot had been captured by Evil Pea!
We took everybody’s finger prints, and became detectives looking for clues and checking the CCTV to see if we could find him.
We also made some fantastic Supertato and Evil Pea puppets!


10.3.21 – The Smoothie Chef returns!

We had a special visitor this morning… the Smoothie Chef!
We had the opportunity try two different flavoured smoothies – a mango and pineapple smoothie
(which we tried last time Smoothie Chef came), and also a banana and strawberry smoothie
(a brand new smoothie that we have never tried before!).
They were delicious!

8.3.21 – Our first afternoon back together after Lockdown 3…!

What a special treat we had this afternoon!
We all went up to the fire pit, toasted some marshmallows on the fire and made s’mores.
We all had so much fun!

8.3.21 – Our first morning back together after Lockdown 3…!

Wow, what a busy morning in Reception!
It was SO lovely to have everyone back in school, and we all loved seeing each other again and catching up.
We all played really nicely with our friends!

18.12.20 – Santa Phone Call!

This afternoon, we had a surprise phone call from Santa!  We were so excited and we listened carefully to what he had to say.
He even mentioned some specific children who have been working really hard.
At the end of his call, he told us he had left a surprise for us… first of all, we all had our own letter from Santa,
in response to all of our letters that he collected from school a couple of days ago.
There was also one large present for us to open – a huge polar bear to go in our topic area.
Finally, the ‘Friends’ group at school had sent Santa some boxes of chocolates for us all, which he delivered to us!
We were so excited!

18.12.20 – ‘Let’s Celebrate’ Topic Teaser & Christmas Party

Today we did our Topic Teaser for this half term!
We split into two teams: Mrs Mayman’s class vs. Miss Berry’s class.
Mrs Shaw and Miss Cooper were the quiz masters, and we had to answer lots of questions about what we have learnt this half term.
We really enjoyed taking part in the Topic Teaser, and Mrs Mayman’s class won!
Afterwards, we had a surprise Christmas party.
We played games, won prizes, and danced our socks off!


16.12.20 – Sending Santa Letters…!

We have all spent the past few days writing our letters to Santa.
Today, we heard that there would be a delivery to the North Pole,
so Mrs Mayman put all of our letters into an envelope and wrote Santa’s address on there.
A couple of children went with Mrs Mayman to take the envelope round to the office.
When they came back to the classroom, we heard SLEIGH BELLS!
Santa must have been to collect our envelope as soon as we’d dropped it off in the office!

4.12.20 – A special Visit From Santa!

We could not believe our eyes today when we went outside to play and saw Santa on our school playground.
We had made him a special card in school this week and went on a walk into the wildlife area to find a place
to leave it for him to collect over the weekend, but instead he turned up in person to collect it!
He brought a sack of treats for us too.

30.11.20 – Christmas Cards For Our Community

The whole of Reception have made special Christmas cards to give to the local elderly residents of Wrenthorpe.
We really hope they put a smile of people’s faces when they receive these.
The children in the School Council have also written individual letters to send too.
We wish all of our local residents in Wrenthorpe a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

27.11.2020 – Diva Lamps

As part of our ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ topic, we have learnt about Diwali.
We know that it is a special time that some people celebrate, and we learnt about people lighting Diva lamps.
This inspired us to make our own Diva lamps out of clay, and we added lots of special decorations to our Diva lamps!

11.11.2020 – Remembrance Day

Today is a really important day for us to remember all the people who have fought in wars.
We have discussed how brave people were, and we got to look at some real war medals.
We then made our own medals, whilst discussing a time when we have been brave.
At 11am, we took part in the 2 minutes silence.
We were able to look at a special book about Remembrance Day, and we even got to watch a Remembrance Day parade,
which we replicated whilst we wore our special medals.
We know that wearing a poppy is an important symbol to help us remember, so we also all made our own poppy to add to a special wreath.



9.11.2020 – Our Sensory Walk…

After we had collected lots of leaves during our first Autumn Walk, this morning we used some of the leaves to make ‘Leaf People’.
We took these Leaf People out for a Sensory Walk so that our Leaf Person could use their sense of smell,
sight, hearing and touch to identify signs of Autumn.
We also discussed animals who will be preparing to hibernate at this time of year, and we were even lucky enough to go into a special secret garden to listen to a special story read by Mrs Shaw.
We then walked through our allotment area to look at the different plants and we even used our sense of touch to feel
some of the leaves that are still on some plants.
After our walk, we were inspired to create a repetitive poem about Autumn.

5.11.2020 – Lockdown Bonfire Night… RECEPTION STYLE!

We have had THE BEST DAY learning about Bonfire Night!
Today may be the first day of the second lockdown, but we haven’t let that dampen our spirits.
Seeing as we can’t go out for Bonfire Night celebrations, we had some really special Bonfire Night celebrations in school!
There was a pretend bonfire outside, where we could play with pretend sparklers and listen to a book about why, and how, we celebrate Bonfire Night.
We also had an indoor bonfire on the interactive white board, and made our very own version of toffee apples using chocolate and sprinkles.
There were lots of firework art activities for us to do, as well as completing a firework literacy/numeracy ‘crack the code’ challenge.
We even had the musical instruments to create sounds that sound like fireworks.
Finally, to finish off our day, we watched the most magnificent fireworks in the hall whilst we sampled parkin and ate our chocolate toffee apples!
What a fantastic day full of lots of wonderful learning opportunities!

4.11.2020 – Autumn Walk

Today we have been for a special Autumn walk.
We wanted to find out how our surroundings have changed now that autumn has started.
We noticed that lots of leaves had fallen off the trees, and were all on the floor.
There were so many lovely colours: yellow, orange, red and brown.
We collected lots of natural objects for us to use in provision to look at, feel, count with and create some natural art work.

23.10.2020 – Smoothie Chef

For our last day of term, we had a special visit from the Smoothie Chef!
She came all the way from France, so we got to find out about where France is, and she even taught us some French words.
The Smoothie Chef read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods.
We tried 2 different types of smoothie: mango & pineapple smoothie, and mixed berry smoothie.
We really enjoyed sampling the smoothies!

22.10.2020 – Jigsaw

Every week, we take part in a ‘Jigsaw’ lesson, which allows us time to think about things and talk about how we are feeling,
how to deal with our emotions, what is happening in the world around us, etc.
To finish off our ‘Marvellous Me’ topic, we have talked about what we want to be when we grow up,
as well as reading a book and completing some writing about our ambitions.

9.10.2020 – New Friend Friday

Every Friday afternoon, we do New Friend Friday!
We all find a new friend to play with, and it is a lovely opportunity for us to get to know everyone in our class and form new friendships.

23.9.2020 – How we can support your reading at home…

Today we have sent home a reading pack for each child including a reading record, sound cards, a reading letter,
RWInc sound mat, RWInc phrases, and a copy of a reading presentation.
We would normally do a Read, Write, Inc parents’ information evening, but due to current restrictions we are unable to do so.  I
nstead, we have prepared some resources and useful links to support you with your child’s weekly reading activities.
Please see the PowerPoint above (in the ‘Letters and Information’ section) as a guide for you to be able to use these resources effectively at home.

Click here for the link to video 1.

Click here for the link to video 2.

Click here for the link to video 3.

Click here for the link to video 6.

Click here for the link to video 7.

Click here for the link to video 8.

Click here for the link to video 9.

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